Brother Anthony “Tony” Scarlotto 1958-2006

DOVER — Anthony J. Scarlotto, 48, of Dover died peacefully on Monday, March 27, 2006, at Riverside Rest Home in Dover after a longtime battle with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Born in Rockaway Beach, N.Y., on May 27, 1958, he was the son of Rosemary Plaisted and Anthony L. Scarlotto.

He was a graduate of Portsmouth High School with the Class of 1975, and UNH.

He was an avid runner and frequent competitor in the Boston Marathon as well as many other marathons. He was the coach for the track team at Dover High School for several years. He was as passionate about running as he was about life!

In addition to his parents, he is survived by his brothers, Lawrence Scarlotto,
Joseph Scarlotto, John Scarlotto and wife, Stacy; his sister, Tina Scarlotto;
nephews, Andrew, Ryan, and Dante Scarlotto; his aunt, Carol York, uncles John
Plaisted and wife, Terry, and Dan Scarlotto.

I seem to remember that some used to refer to him as Mr. Beta, he was an all round good guy. I remember how hard he struggled with Chemistry because he wanted to be a Chemical Engineer, when most would have quit and changed majors, he stuck it out. He’ll be missed. It’s ironic, it always seems to be the ones’ with the fewest detractors that seem to leave early.

Dan Millar

As I reflect back to the times spent with and around Tony, I cannot think of a more sincere and honest person. He loved The House, the Brothers and the fun. He could certainly take (and occasionally give) a joke as well as anyone. His accomplishments as a runner are well-known and admired.

Rob Peterson

This morning I notified Asacker – who said he’d notify others, Magoo via email, Trink, Hunsaker and whomever I could think of. The reaction is the same: sorrow but joyous recollections of Tony.

I pass along this one story that mixes well with his eyesight or lack thereof and his love for running. Asacker said it made him smile…


I remember one summer when he went running, and he “ALWAYS” had to “go” not matter how long he spent “going” before he “went” running. This time he picked up poison ivy instead of leaves and got some serious swelling in a sensitive area.

He was embarrassed at the hospital and wanted to speak with a male doctor or nurse but none was on duty. He finally relented and told the nurse in charge what was going on. he got a shot in the rump and some stuff to mix with water and then apply with a cloth and some cream type stuff that he had to do for a week.

I told him that he could say he truly grew a pair when others only talk about it!


I also recall his glasses and the “lenses” he had afixed to them so he could drive.

I also recall his being the VP and tyring to “sneak” up the fire escape for an early AM raid and Brother Oz shouting to me to lock the door, which I did, leaving Tony and the sorority du jour stranded outside at 530 am … “C’mon guys, open the door, it’s me, Tony….C’mon guys, open the door ….”

We had so many good times running. He was always encouraging, positive and supportive. It was tough a few years ago when he couldn’t see you, but most likely saw an image and when you stuck out your hand and said your name he grabbed it strongly – he was a wirery little guy – and then commenced the conversation like we’d not seen each other for a week instead of weeks.

Scrotto IS missed.

Gerry Miles

So Sad. Thanks for the update and I couldn’t agree more with your words. What an unpretentious guy he was.

“Scroto” was our VP when I pledged, so our only friend during the 5 weeks. And he just put everything into it. Our pledge class, at that time, and perhaps since then?, was the only one for some time to have the same # of pledges that started on “day 1” were the same # that ended on Hell Night. “16 started, 16 finished” was our motto, CC:ing a couple of my pledge brothers from the day. I’m sure Scroto is already playing Fooz with Dave as we speak! Bruce “Boo Boo” Huebner

Funny you should write this. When I read this sad news while traveling I had time to reflect and the first thought I had was Tony’s role as our pledge leader. He put his heart and soul into assuring our united success. He was a great representative of the pending brotherhood.

Gene Cookson

Great Guy. Always friendly. One of a kind.

Joe Nocera

I was a brother when Tony pledged the house. He did everything he was ever asked to do by a brother as a pledge. In some cases, he did more. After he became a brother, he became a quiet leader and also a house historian. Tony knew more about the history of the house and the brotherhood than the majority of us. He would recall it in a second. I too remember him studying his chemistry books with the “coke” bottle glasses. He had a strong desire to succeed despite the difficulty with his vision. He always had a smile on his face and was ready to help another brother with a job or a problem. He will be missed by all.

Steve Trinkaus