Brother Clyde Coolidge ’60

Gentlemen, I received sad news today of the passing of legacy alumni Clyde Coolidge ’60 on 4/12. I spoke to his wife Pat several times the first of February as she was looking for contact information for some of his classmates. I would suggest if any alumni knew Clyde I am sure she would appreciate hearing from you. She was always able to chat in the evening.

Former Somersworth mayor Clyde Coolidge Passes


SOMERSWORTH — Clyde Coolidge, an attorney, a district court judge and former mayor of Somersworth died Tuesday.
Peter Mathieu, a partner in the Coolidge Law Firm said Coolidge was surrounded by family and friends when he died.

“I got a chance to say goodbye to him Tuesday night and thank him for the many years that he was there for me,” Mathieu said.

The firm was founded in 1963, according to Mathieu it was known as Coolidge, Cullinane and Cullinane. Mathieu said Robert Cullinane retired from Dover District Court. Coolidge retired from Somersworth District Court. The firm later became the Coolidge Professional Association.

“I came aboard in July of 1979 when I worked with him over at the court for four years as his probation director,” Mathieu said “Then he took me on as a law clerk, then as an associate then as a partner and I’m still here.”

Mathieu estimates that Coolidge ran in as many as 30 Boston Marathons and was well known in the running community.

According to Mathieu, Coolidge retired about 12 years ago, but never had a chance to enjoy it.

“Within hours after he retired he had a head injury which resulted in him being in a coma,” Mathieu said. “Everything was all lined up and he and his wife were ready to enjoy the retirement years and unfortunately those were cut short.”

Mathieu said Patricia Coolidge stayed by her husband and kept him at home as long as she could. He was at Bellamy Fields for the past five or six years.

“I would bring him to my house and we’d watch a movie together, he was my best friend, the closest thing I had to a father,” Mathieu said. “My father died when I was kid and Clyde took me under his wing. He believed in me and he encouraged so many people to be their best.”

Mathieu said he believed Coolidge turned 76 in December. Coolidge served as Mayor of Somersworth from 1967-1972 and was the first republican mayor elected in 64 years. The desk he used is still in the original mayor’s office in the former city hall, which now houses the Summersworth Historical Society and Museum. Mathieu said there will be a memorial service sometime this spring or early summer.