Brother Jon Norris Bewley

Jon Bewley (Bugles) passed away on June 3, 2006. Jon lost a long battle with malignant metastasis melanoma in his brain. Jon pledged Beta in the fall of 1976 and was the Pledge Captain. The following year he became President. He was one of the most spirited brothers of all time and possessed immeasurable talent, as well as love for the Brotherhood.

As many of you know, Jon was a very active brother and a real showman, who loved the theatre, dance and music. Do you remember the silhouette show he put on for us in the basement about the “Pool Hall in River City ?” Or how about the time he woke up in the morning in his Navy whites on the top of the trophy case? To this day that story is still being told and nobody knows how he possibly could have gotten there!

 Jon grew up in New London , NH . He joined the Navy during school and he learned to fly. He was a pilot for major passenger airlines and Federal Express. During his last days a close friend took him up for his final flight.

“Bugles” made almost all Beta events, including a Spring Weekend getaway this past spring in Meredith , NH with his wife Jane. Very kind words exchanged between Jon and the brothers and he received several kisses on the cheek. Someone said afterwards that it was “as though Jon was there to say good-bye to men who meant so much to him.” Jon attended his last Founder’s Day on May 6, 2006 where he gave a memorable and emotional speech. He then walked down the front steps with his cane, and then turned to look back at the house and the on looking brothers one last time.

Following is a letter that was written by Jon to the brotherhood on January 16, 2006:

To My Beloved Beta Brethren,

I have just returned from the hospital late this afternoon after a day of Brain Radiation surgery up at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover , NH .  The day went as planned as we completed the surgery started a week ago with three tumors and finished with the four remaining earlier this afternoon.  The total that have been surgically radiated is now up to 13 and we are hoping and praying that is going to be it.  I am now scheduled for heavy Chemo treatment for the next 4-6 weeks from home given orally followed by some tests to see the results of the radiation treatment.   I just want you ALL to know how deeply touched Jane and I have been from the emails, calls, and notes that have comeour way since you all got the word.  Artie LeBrasseur was kind enough to forward along some emails from so many of you that I haven’t heard from in a long time.  So I will add those of you to my new address book and will look forward to dropping you a note as I slowly try to get a long list of mail and thank you’s out during my recuperation and recovery.  Having lost my ability to fly for a living and not quite knowing about what the future may hold has been tough but the sustaining thoughts I have is that everyday I can fight this, be with myfamily and talk with old friends isGOOD DAY! Thank you all for the compassion and support that only the Beta Boys know how to show. The outpouring of support has truly touched my heart and I am quite the richer because of it.  God Bless You All!


Jon Bewley

Jon’s obituary follows:

OBITUARY – Jon Norris Bewley

Jon Norris Bewley flies west.  He is survived by his mother Dorthea, his father James and his siblings Dorna, Marcia and Jay. 

Jon’s spirit lives on his son Jon, daughter Daisy, wife Jane, his dog Sam and all his devoted friends. Jon was a pilot, a poet, a father, an actor, a singer, a true friend and a wicked decent human being. He was equally at home flying an Airbus or a Boeing as he was performing and singing on stage. He will hold a special place in the hearts of all that knew him.

In lieu of flowers, Jon’s wish would be that you take some time with your family and enjoy fresh maple syrup on your ice cream, a glass of crisp white wine, and countless hours with your children. Jon fought valiantly against malignant metastasis melanoma.