Parent Testimonials

Listed below are the testimonials of parents who have noticed a significant growth in their son while being a part of Sigma Beta. Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have.

My name is Rick Szilagyi, a proud parent of a Sigma Beta fraternity member. I am reaching out to you, on behalf of the Sigma Beta Parents Association… but more as one parent to another.

We had our kick-off meeting of the association in 2014, and it was interesting and heart-warming to hear the same story from all of the parents. But speaking now for myself and my wife, Laurie, when we first heard that our son wanted to become involved with a fraternity, we expected the worst: Animal House. As we learned more, and met Lee Hunsaker, Beta’s House Parent, our feelings began to change. And, as we met more and more of those alumni leading the resurgence of Beta, our opinion changed from one of concern, to one of delight. And that feeling has grown. The organization has a Distinguished Speaker Series, availing abundantly successful professionals to Beta brothers, in a fireside-chat setting in the great room. In 2015, the alumni introduced a scholarship program available to all current brothers, based on scholastic performance, semester by semester. And, there is zero-tolerance for drugs. So… not exactly Animal House. Not even close. In fact, when Laurie and I think about Ian’s experience at UNH, sure, we are glad he has earned good grades. And, we are happy that he played on the volleyball team. But what stands out for us, what we are most grateful for, is the great opportunity he had to become a Beta brother. Grades and athletics are important, but Laurie and I know that it will be his experiences in Sigma Beta… working with other great brothers, and Lee Hunsaker, and the other alumni… that will be the most beneficial aspect of his UNH experience.

Please call or text or email if I can help in any way. Your son has made a great choice! –


Rick Szilagyi
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To potential Sigma Beta parents:

As a member of a fraternity that was shut down at the University of Maine in the 80s and recolonized, I can speak from experience about the difference between the Greek system now and the way it was in the past.  While my fraternity was voluntarily shut down, it was shut down for some of the same reasons that Sigma Beta was.  It is very important to draw the distinction between the media depictions of past fraternity life and the reality of today’s fraternities.

The fraternity system is widely misunderstood due media reports and Hollywood depictions of the past.  Greek life is not a reason to have unrestricted parties.  Hazing is outlawed in every state.  The fraternity system of today is a resource to network the students in many positive directions.  The many successful graduates are extremely helpful in getting the students placed in positive directions for job placement and internships.  Some of these graduates a very successful.  Just like all of us who understand that you can send out 1000 resumes and not receive one response, the fraternity is a way to help get the kids another avenue to support their job search.

My fraternity was shut down for 5 years and recolonized for policy violations and hazing.   Several alumni brothers spent a lot of time to restore the house and recolonize the fraternity.  The  men who worked tirelessly at UNH to restore the Sigma Beta house, did so because they are passionate about their legacy.  This type of dedication cannot be learned in a dorm.   The process was difficult but the results great.  The fraternity now sits as a beautiful building that I am happy to know my son calls home.  It is a great location on campus.  I would encourage you to tour the building before making any judgments.

Fraternities can teach the students life skills that the dorm life cannot replicate.  They are given responsible roles in the house that require a time and intellectual commitment.  They don’t have house cleaners or landscapers to take care of the kitchen, the living spaces and the yard.  The brothers take pride in the house and the have to manage the finances, safety and physical upkeep.  This is not for everyone.  Some students would rather just be in a dorm and have everything done for them and not learn the responsibilities required to maintain a house and balance budgets.

The list of efforts of the current students to raise awareness and money for charitable organizations is commendable.  The dorms students do not have such responsibilities.  These activities take time and preparation and the results are often very beneficial to non-profits.  The activities are not just supportive of the charity, the events also bond the students together.  These activities also look good on a resume.

Fraternities can offer a home away from home for the brothers.  It makes a large University setting a more friendly smaller community.  Allows them to develop leadership qualities and responsibilities.

The poor conduct of the past should not discourage those that are considering Greek life.  The entire system has changed and evolved.  Think of the satisfaction at your son will experience if he is involved with bringing Sigma Beta closer to being recognized by the University.  How will that look on his resume?  As a member of a fraternity, you are not living amongst casual friends for four years.  You are living with brother who will be with you for a lifetime.

Again, I encourage you to visit Sigma Beta and have ask questions.  If you would like to speak to me about my son’s experience at Sigma Beta, please call me at 617-842-5761

Thank you,

Dave DelGrosso