Contact Us:

Are you a UNH student that is interested in joining? Contact our Rush Chair Sam Rogers for more information about Rush.

Sam Rogers: (774) 275-4510

Are you a parent of a student that is looking to get more information on the Fraternity and what we do? Contact our Public Relations Chair Robert Colley for more information. Also see our Parent Testimonials under the About tab.

Robert Colley: (978) 621-9224

Are you an Alumni that is looking to get in touch with our Alumni Chair? Contact our Alumni Chair Ryan Monteith. Also, check out our Alumni Corner for news and other information.

Ryan Monteith: (516) 474-9742

Executive Board Contact Information:

Vice President Pat Deren: 

(978) 761-1188

Risk Manager Noah Parent: 

(413) 887-9195

House Manager Max Croteau: 

(978) 771-1766

President Kyle Strickland: 

(603) 892-2246

Treasurer Keegan Landry:

 (603) 343-7036

Secretary Joe McGrath:

(978) 888-7044