Active Brothers: The Executive Board

The Executive Board members are the leaders of the fraternity. They exemplify the values that the fraternity upholds and see that it is run efficiently and correctly.


President: Nicholas Kenney


Treasurer: Robert Brown

Vice President: Christopher Leondires


Risk Manager: Robert Colley

Secretary: Burton Dow


Recruitment Chair: Austin Hoey

House Manager: Christopher Mccarthy

Contact information for the executive board can be found at the Contact Us page.

Officers At Large

The officers at large make sure that the fraternity operates smoothly.

Academic/Alumni Chair: Stephen Roche

Sergeant At Arms: Ricker Fredericks

IT Chair: Robert Colley

Fire Marshal: Phil Hughes

Campus Involvement: Nikolas Papa

Chaplain: Christopher Leondires

Career & Leadership Chair: Spencer Pope

Apparel Chair: Michael Fiacco



Historian: Matt Foley

Athletics Chair: Kyle Ferreira

Public Relations: Tyler Martel

Board Manager: Max Ullrich

Social Chair: Jack Marsico

Philanthropy Chair: Donald MacCallum

House DJ: Donald MacCallum

House Photographer: Jake Easter

Active Brothers List

* - indicates a brother that is studying abroad

Tyler Strusinski

Logan Smith

Steven Saucier

Andre Sasso

Jimmy Chin

Joshua Coville

Sebastian Gonin

Casey Cardon

Jacob Hill

Tommy Cranmer

Sam Rogers

Michael Weller

Matthew Perry

Julian Munoz

Patrick Storer

Tyler Martel

Rob Brown

Christopher "Larry" Leondires

Maxwell Croteau

Robert Colley

Jack Maegher

Hunter Lambroff

Tom Egan

Collin Nally

Sean Burns

Stephen Roche

Ricker Fredericks

 Jake Burhans

Cameron Kelley

Myles Maloof

Owen Haiback

Matthew Marino-Babcock

Joey Demarco

Ben O’Connell

Luke Kenney


Kelvin Cho

Christopher McCarthy

Austin Hoey

Burton Dow

Jack Marsico

Brinton Dekreon

Tim Knightly

Nicholas Kenney

Scotty Callahan

Spencer Pope

Kam Hall

Sammy Hachani

Max Ullrich

Jacob Easter*

Troy Nielsen

Jason Cusolito

Nicholas Doubleday

Connor McLellan

John "Jack" Heaps

Adam Skiba

Brady Wall

Mitchell Gemma

Mark Fagan

Philip Hughes

Jack Sickles

Samuel Twombly

Donald MacCallum

Eric Munson

Brendan Mooney

Nikolas Papa

Greg Stohrer

George Awad

Chris Sheehan

Matt Cook

Michael Fiacco

Kyle Ferreira