Our House

The house was built by brothers, and restored by brothers. In 2009, Brother Tom Moutlon’s DeNiro Construction company gutted the house down to the studs and rebuilt the establishement into the most modern fraternity house in New England.


Situated on Madbury Road, our house is centrally located to classrooms and downtown Durham. Our house features the following:

  • an in-ceiling sound system throughout the common areas of our house

  • large screen televisions, WiFi and hard wired internet access

  • updated landscaping, new walkway, larger parking lot

  • other modern amenities to help you achieve your academic goals while giving you a social atmosphere unlike any other

There are 19 rooms available for active brothers to live in. There are common rooms for hanging out like the basement with the Ping-Pong table, and there are common areas dedicated to studying (the Peter Lino Barili Chapter Room). There are also two washers and dryers for the brothers.


The house needed more bandwidth to give our brothers and their guests wifi that would satisfy their usage needs. We chose the Ruckus wireless solution installed by GSC IT Solutions. http://www.gscitsolutions.com/


The Kitchen comes fully stocked with all the dishes, utensils, stove and oven tops necessary for cooking.

On any regular day, you can find brothers cooking up meals that even Gordon Ramsey would be proud of!

bewley Chapter Room

Our chapter room is the study room of the house, where it is expected to be quiet for brothers to do homework.

Occasionally, the TV in the chapter room is used for movies or big sports games.

19 Private Rooms

There are 19 private rooms that are either for one, two, three or four people. Each room comes with desks, a bed and a closet.

A total of 41 brothers live in the house at maximum capacity.

Common Areas 

Our front lawn also includes a sand volleyball court. There are always brothers that are playing volleyball outside on a nice day.

Our house in 1933.

Our house in 1933.

Sigma Beta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon in 1934

Sigma Beta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon in 1934