Brother Jason Belodoff

Jason Belodoff
June 19, 2007

Former Cortland and Cazenovia resident, Jason Belodoff, 32, died unexpectedly in his home, June 19, 2007. Jason was born on February 8, 1975 in Cortland, NY. He graduated from Cortland Jr. Sr. High School in 1993. He then attended UNH, graduated in 1998, where he was a Sigma Beta Brother, and fell in love with the New England area. Jason worked for Forrest Labs, and then Wyeth Pharmaceuticals where he resided in Maine, the sea coast region of NH, and Newburyport, MA. Jason is survived by his fiance, Jennifer Barnes of Newburyport, MA; his father, Paul Belodoff and his mother, Cecile Scott; stepmother, Patricia of Cazenovia; brother, Adam Scott, of Cortland; sisters, Lisa Belodoff of Camillus, Erin Kelly of Cazenovia, Jacqueline (Kelly) and brother-in-law, Bradley Hubbard of Columbia, MO; maternal grandparents, Paul and Nancy Swift of Pittsford, and paternal grandparents, Harry and Clarice Belodoff of Long Island; and several beloved aunts, uncles and cousins, and close friends along with his dogs, Clayton and Stella. He was predeceased by his maternal grandmother, Phyllis Swift, and Uncle Roy Belodoff.

Calling hours will be on Sunday 4 to 7 p.m. at Tait Funeral Home, 2333 Fenner Road, Cazenovia. Services will be Monday 11 a.m. at DeWitt Community Church, 3600 Erie Blvd. E., DeWitt, New York.

Jason had a passion for animals, hiking, and music and spending time with his fiance, Jennifer. Donations can be made to the S.P.C.A or to Hope for Bereaved. Tait Funeral Home, Inc.

Published in the Syracuse Post Standard on 6/22/2007.

Jason Belodoff graduated a year before I ever came to UNH. However, I came to know him fairly well, as he was an active alumnus and soon a friend. I recently graduated from medical school in June, and I have many people to thank who helped me accomplish this goal. Jason Belodoff is truly one of those people.

Following my graduation from UNH in May of ’01, it was time to get a “real world” job and I really was not sure where to start; then entered Jason. Jason had been around the house a little that summer and recently had left Forrest Labs and was looking for a new job himself. I explained to Jason that I was looking for a pharmaceutical or biotech sales position for a couple of years until I got my act together to get into medical school. Jason did the rest. He took me out to lunch and introduced me to his colleagues, coached me about the business and interviewing skills, looked over and assisted me with my resume, the guy even gave me a copy of a Kaplan MCAT study course for when I was ready to take the medical school entrance exam! I had no suit, no problem; Jason let me borrow one of his. He told me about a job fair that he was going to in Boston that weekend and offered me a ride. I still remember driving down in his Saab convertible, top down, wind blasting me directly in the face the whole ride down! I went to that job fair, got an interview and was offered a job with a great biotech company in Boston. That was it, one job fair, one interview, and a great job. Really, all thanks to Jason Belodoff. He went above and beyond in helping me, truly a good friend.

The unfortunate part of the story occurs when it was time to return that suit to Jason. After I got that job in Boston and was ready to move out of Sigma Beta and into the city, I left that suit for Jason to pick up with Matt Groder, Room 18 at the time I believe. Well, needless to say, when Jason went to pick up that nice suit the whole thing was no longer there. The suit jacket was nowhere to be found. I can just see it now, someone (Matt Groder) finding that suit and saying, hey, lets cut the arms off this thing and use it as a funny costume for a party, or something to that effect.

So let me just say one more time, Jason, sorry for the suit, and thank you so much for the help and your friendship.

Fistos Kai brother,
Dr. Kevin Heaton